Band & Performers Regulations

Independent Class

  • No restriction of education requirements.
  • No restriction of nationality.
  • No age requirements for performing members entry.
  • Number of participants NOT below than 20 people, except Drum Major.
  • A performer can only be playing and representing ONE TEAM in each category, also not allow to join in Scholastic Class.

Scholastic Class

  • The band allow to combine students from different school in same province and use only one name team.
  • No restriction of nationality.
  • Performers members must studied at present school not less than one semester.
  • Age requirements for performing members must NOT be over than 18 years old, born since 2002 (Count by year only) except Drum Major.
  • Each scholastic group shall submit eligibility certification signed by the authorizing school principal or administrator listing all approved participants not over than one 30 days. [ Click here to see letter example ]
  • Number of participants NOT below than 10 people, except Drum Major.
  • For Percussion Scholastic Class allow to have pit percussion performers not over 5 people (No requirements about instruments) or don't use pit percussion also fine.
  • A performer can only be playing and representing ONE TEAM in each category, also not allow to join in Independent Class.


How to Change Class

  • After completed registration please send requirement letter to TWMC and allow to change class 30 days before competition date, after that not allow to change class in any case.


Band & Grouping (Based on Number of Participants)

  • Group A : Less than 40 performing members.
  • Group AA : 40 to 60 performing members.
  • Group AAA : 61 to 80 performing members.
  • Group AAAA : 81 to 100 performing members.
  • Group A+ : 101 to 120 performing members.
  • Group AA+ : 121 to 140 performing members.
  • Group AAA+ : Over 140 performing members.



  • Winds
    • Independent Class
    • Scholastic Class
  • Percussion
    • Independent Class
    • Scholastic Class
  • Color Guard
    • Independent Class
    • Scholastic Class


Event Performance

  • Every Band must performance for Preliminary and Finals.
  • Judging System sanction by AMBC, all classes are being judged by different criteria.
  • Electric instruments allow using.
  • A band is allowed five (5) minutes to set-up and warm-up anywhere in the performance Area (No Penalty).
  • Props and equipment not allow to put inside the stadium before or after competition, must take everything out from competition area. Please design everything follow entrance size (Learn at entrance photo).
  • Independent Class is allowed a performance time of 5 to 7 minutes.
  • Scholastic Class is allowed a performance time of 4 to 6 minutes.
  • Can start anywhere on the Performance Field. The timing will begin at the conclusion of the Five minutes’ set-up/warm-up time, following the announcement that….

Band & Announcer Command

Step 1 : “Ladies & Gentlemen Welcome to the floor, from __

Step 2

“The performance of 20XX Program ______ Asia Marching Arts Thailand Championships proud to present ______ ”

Start the Show….

The first step or first moving by the band after the announcement will start count time to performance. If the first step or first moving of performance has not occurred within 30 seconds of conclusion of the announcement, the timer will commence timing.

  • Teams should completely vacate the performance floor within three (3) minutes of the end of the Performance (no penalty).
  • Not allow to use Fire, live animal all the time when performance.
  • The floor size is 25x40 Yards.



Incase team register more than 3 teams each class or 18 teams overall must send VDO for qualified pass to prelims round at Sisaket.

  • Send VDO (MP4) record your performance not over 5 minutes for preliminary round and send file via Google Drive to E-Mail:
  • Take VDO in landscape.



  • For time requirements: 0.1 points per 3 seconds or fraction thereof.
  • Any participants over age limit or over quantity of participants rules will not allow to join competition.
  • Props and equipment not allow to put inside the stadium before or after competition: 10 points.
  • For scholastic class must show student certificate follow details that mention in the rules, if not show must change to Independent Class only.


Performance Floor Diagram


Entrance Size ขนาดทางเข้าสนาม



Judge System

Judging System sanction by Asia Marching Band Confederation (AMBC).

* Learn more AMBC judging system at



Receive the Royal Trophy Given By
Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn


All participants will receive certificate in PDF file.



  • Fill in the application form at. CLICK HERE
  • Register Fee.
    • Independent THB3,500 / Band
    • Scholastic THB2,500 / Band
  • Bank account for transfer registration fee.


Account No.        008-7004-008  /  Saving Account
Account Name:   Thailand World Music Championships

Announced on 20/02/2020